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There are many beautiful legends about the origin of puffs. One of the romantic legends is that in the 16th century, the Austrian princess married the French prince and held a grand wedding at the Palace of Versailles, drawing a stop to the long war between the two countries. Puffs are famous as the finale of wedding banquets. Since then, puffs have become a sweet symbol of joy and blessings in France, and have spread widely. West Tree Puffs, derived from French Chez Choux, means "home of puffs." West Tree Puffs focuses on exploring the potential deliciousness of puffs, combining classic French dessert culture with traditional Japanese craftsmanship, and selecting high-quality ingredients, which are now roasted and sold to provide the public with high quality fresh puffs. The use of high-quality vanilla seeds, matcha, etc., strives for every freshly made puff pastry crispy rosin, sweet, smooth and delicious filling. West Tree Puff uses its own "Cookie Pie Puff" to fully develop the crispy rosin and make the taste more rich. Made on site, fresh and natural, each puff is made on site in front of the guests, so each puff is specially made for you. "Make for you", willing to offer you the fresh and natural flavor of Xishu Puff. Through every elaborate puff, the concept of "eat puffs and find happiness!"
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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