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Sisyphe Bookstore is a national theme experience chain of delicate bookstores. For a long time, Sisyphe upholds the value concept of "participating in the formation of local spiritual life" and develops chain bookstores with the management concept of "guiding and promoting mass fine reading". Headquartered in Chongqing, as of January 2019, the company has developed into a cultural enterprise with more than 200 book retail stores and 4 million active members. At present, Sisyphe Bookstore, Vector Coffee, No. 2 Life Creation, 72 Children's Reading Experience Space, Pushing Stone Culture and other sub-brands are under its flag. With 25 years of dedicated research on books and reading, Sisyphe has divided into three major store product lines: standard line (black mark/green mark/red mark), theme line and customized line, which respectively match the positioning of different city business entities, and create a rich reading experience for readers; create a professional book product line and big data system, so that readers can easily choose good books and build an interactive communication platform with reading; They share urban cultural space.
010-59056488/ 59056489
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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