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Privacy Statement

The privacy statement is the commitment and guarantee that Blue Harbor Co., Ltd. protects the privacy of your personal information that you may come into contact with when using this website. It lets you know the privacy policy and practices of this website. By accessing or using this website, you have agreed to be bound by this statement:

1 Introduction

       1.1 Blue Harbor Co., Ltd. ("we") and its affiliates take your privacy very seriously. When you use our services, products, and / or other matters or other services you need from time to time (collectively referred to as "services"), we may collect and use your personal information. We strive to protect the privacy of your personal information that we have. To ensure that you can know and provide us with personal information with confidence, we hope that through this privacy statement we will explain to you how we collect, use, store, process and share this information when you use our services, as well as what we provide to you Ways to access and protect this personal information. If you do not provide relevant personal information, you may not be able to register as our user, enjoy some of the services we provide, or even if we can continue to provide you with some services, we cannot achieve the expected service results.

       1.2 By using or continuing to use our services, you agree to our collection, use, storage, processing and sharing of your personal information in accordance with this privacy statement.

2 Scope of personal information we collect

       2.1 We will collect different types of personal information based on what you request or the services we provide to you. For example, when you register as a user on our website, we need your personal identification information (such as name, gender, identity ID number, telephone, correspondence address, address, email) and personal background information; when you email us or subscribe for free, we need your personal address, name, contact information and other limited personal identification symbols; for example, you are in Photos or videos collected during meetings and events organized by us and your contact and business information disclosed to us; for example, when you report problems to us or submit surveys conducted on our website from time to time, we need you to send us Personal data in the letter. For example, your opinions and responses to market surveys, competitions, and promotional offers conducted by or on behalf of others; information about your use of our information service or any service (such as behavioral information, browser details, IP addresses, purchase records, location information, etc. In addition, we may also receive information about you from other legitimate sources and add it to our customer information database.

       2.2 We will automatically record your domain and IP address: this information does not identify you personally, only the computer used to browse our website. We will collect the above information to analyze the coverage of this website and click traffic to help us better understand how the website is used, so that we can better provide services to you. We will not link the automatically recorded information with your personal data in this way.

       2.3 Your personal information is required from time to time for our services. If you fail to provide your personal information in accordance with the requirements of our services, we may not be able to provide you with related services or products. If you provide us with your personal information, it means that you know and confirm to provide us with your personal information.

3 How do we use and share your information

       3.1 We may use the personal information collected for one or more of the following purposes:

               a) Share your personal information with affiliated companies or third parties entrusted by us to provide you with our services from time to time;

               b) Payment for any related services, including verification of credit card data with third parties;

               c) Information identification and verification for any services that may provide you;

               d) Communicate with you through mail, letter, fax, telephone, WeChat public account push or other methods, including but not limited to contacting you in response to your inquiry;

               e) To conduct research and / or analysis from time to time to better understand your shopping, entertainment, dining and / or other consumption needs, interests and / or habits;

              f) To design new and / or improve existing services, products, facilities, activities, competitions, sweepstakes and / or other items related to our property portfolio or the merchants in them (collectively referred to as "related activities"), and / Or any related activities organized by the merchant;

               g) Operate and manage any membership plans or preferential plans (including joint names and joint ventures with other brands);

               h) Make disclosures in accordance with laws and regulations or court orders in any jurisdiction and / or as required by any government, regulatory or law enforcement agency or administrative department.

       3.2 Without your prior consent, we will not intentionally use, share or sell your personal information for purposes not related to the above.

       3.3 We may send you service-related announcements or notices when necessary (for example, when we suspend a service due to system maintenance or update). You may not be able to cancel these service-related announcements or notices that are not of a promotional nature.

       3.4 In order to allow you to have a better shopping experience, improve our services or other purposes you agree to, we may collect your personal information collected through one of our services, subject to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, etc. Information is used for our other services in the form of information aggregation or other personalized methods.

       3.5 When we provide services to you through different platforms and channels (such as our WeChat public account, website, Weibo, SMS, etc.), we may prompt you from time to time with certain special privacy statements ("Special Privacy Statement"). These special privacy statements will explain more directly and in detail how we use your personal information in the service. Unless otherwise specified, this privacy statement also applies to other platforms operated by us.

4 Third-party services

       4.1 In order to better provide our services to you, our services may include links to social media channels or other services provided by third parties (including websites, Weibo, mobile applications, etc.). E.g:

               a) You can use third-party connection services to log in to our website to enjoy the services we provide. These functions may collect your personal information;

               b) We provide you with links through the promotion platform or other methods of our services, so that you can access third-party services or websites.

       4.2 All of our websites are not related to the websites of third parties, and we have no control over the content of the third-party websites, the privacy policy or whether they comply with laws and regulations. Therefore, you should fully understand that these links provided by third parties do not constitute our endorsement, consent or any form of contact. We also cannot control and protect your personal information that you submit to third-party websites. Therefore, when you leave our website to access a third-party website, you should be alert. Your use of third-party social media services or other services (including any of your personal information that you provide directly to third parties) is subject to the third-party's own terms of service and privacy policy / statement (but not our privacy statement) , You need to read the terms of the third party carefully. This privacy statement applies only to any of your personal information collected by us, and does not apply to any of your personal information collected by third parties in the process of providing services to you, and we collect or use any third party by you Directly provided personal information does not assume any responsibility.

5 Personal information of minors

       5.1 We encourage parents or guardians to guide minors to use our services. We also recommend that minors encourage their parents or guardians to read this privacy statement, and suggest that minors seek the consent and guidance of their parents or guardians before submitting personal information. We will protect the personal information of minors under the age of eighteen (18) in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.

       5.2 We will not collect or use minor personal information without the consent of the minor or his parents or guardians.

6 Scope of application of this privacy statement

       6.1 This privacy statement policy applies to all our information services. The specific privacy statement described in this privacy statement also forms part of this privacy statement. If any special privacy statement is inconsistent with this privacy statement, the corresponding special privacy statement applies to that particular information platform.

       6.2 Please note that this privacy statement does not apply to the following situations:

               a) Information collected directly from you by third-party services accessed through our information services or linked by us (any third-party website, including our affiliates);

               b) Information collected by other companies and institutions that perform advertising services in our information services.

7 Changes to this privacy statement

We may modify any of the terms of this privacy statement at any time, and such modifications form part of this privacy statement. You can log on to our relevant website to view or obtain this privacy statement revised from time to time, so as to keep abreast of how we collect and use personal information. If you continue to use our services, you agree to be bound by this privacy statement that we amend from time to time.

8 In the following cases, this website does not assume any responsibility:

       a) If required by laws, regulations and decrees, we can disclose your personal information to the relevant administrative and judicial departments or for public safety purposes. In this case, we will not assume any responsibility for any disclosure;

       b) As you inform others of the user's password or share the registered account with others, any personal data leakage caused by this and other personal data leakage due to your personal reasons;

       c) Any personal data leakage, loss, misappropriation or tampering caused by force majeure that affects the normal operation of the network due to computer virus intrusion or outbreak, temporary shutdown due to government control, etc.

       d) Leakage of personal data caused by other websites linked to us and any legal disputes and consequences arising therefrom.

9 We can only use the collected personal data beyond the necessary scope if it meets one of the following conditions:

       a) You have obtained your written consent;

       b) To exempt you from urgent dangers in life, body or property;

       c) To prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others;

       d) In order to promote the public interest and do not harm your major interests.

10 Promotion

Sometimes we, or on behalf of other companies, provide promotional services to selected customer groups on this site, and will use your personal information in a reasonable manner when providing the aforementioned services. When providing this service, we will not disclose your name and address to other companies.

11 Language of this privacy statement

This privacy statement is written in Chinese and may be translated into other languages. If there is any ambiguity between the Chinese version and the translated version of this privacy statement, the Chinese version shall prevail.

12 Applicable law

All lawsuits or disputes arising from this privacy statement shall apply the laws of the People ’s Republic of China. The right to interpret, modify and update the privacy statement of this website belongs to Blue Harbor Co., Ltd.

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