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2020 . 04 . 16


"Light · Pro" Urban Art Space Explore the mysteries of SOLANA lighting

--The 11th Beijing Chaoyang Park Blue Harbor Lighting Festival is about to shine

        The light and shadow are shining brightly, and it is in Gu Jingcheng. The 11th Chaoyang Park Blue Harbor Lighting Festival "Light · Lin" will be kicked off on December 14, 2018. It will continuously light up the Beijing night sky for 1776 hours for 74 consecutive days. The implication of oriental philosophy, the infinite possibilities of extending the city's public art space across borders. To live up to the ambilight of winter and experience the unprecedented future of light and shadow, this festival of lighting is until February 25, 2019.

        The Blue Harbor Lighting Festival has been successfully held for ten years. Each lighting festival will be carefully sculpted in detail and creativity, boldly tried in diversity and fun, subverted imagination in interaction and sense of participation, and greatly improved It shows the public's awareness and identity of urban art space. Whether it is from the level of art installation or technological innovation, the Blue Harbor Lighting Festival has gradually grown into an art festival that is comparable to internationally renowned art festivals such as the Sydney Lighting Festival in Australia, the Lyon Lighting Festival in France and the Amsterdam Lighting Festival in the Netherlands.


        After months of devoted exploration of light and shadow art works in various corners of the world, the Blue Harbor selection of lighting art installations from Germany and Australia will unveil the mysterious veil on December 14: "STALACTITE" (stalactite), "OCTOPODA" (eight Clawfish) and "PARROT PARTY" (Parrot Party), etc. These light and shadow interactive works of art were first introduced into China by Blue Harbor. This is not simply a copy by air, but a fusion and innovation of Eastern and Western art culture. At the opening ceremony of "STALACTITE" (stalactite), Blue Harbor uniquely combined the oriental "integrated art" philosophy with lighting works and electronic music, leading to a new height of urban art space.


All in One Oriental Philosophy Open Source


        On the opening day, Blue Harbor specially invited Chinese contemporary artist Hao Fangyuan to perform traditional musical instruments on site, and combine painting, music, performance, video, animation and electronic music effects to present a new and diverse artistic sensory experience.

        Whether it is the happiness of life, or the truth of the universe ’s nature, it is all inspired and influenced by Eastern civilization. Hao Fangyuan performed a painting interpretation of Oriental philosophy on the spot, describing reality and virtuality, and now intermingles with the future, taking you to understand this multi-space-time multi-dimensional fantasy world.


        Art is diverse and blends without borders. When the unity of everything in Oriental philosophy is displayed to the fullest, the "STALACTITE" (stalactite) suspended above the sunken square will present a beautifully unveiled ceremony with a sense of technology, which will inevitably link the modern sense with Oriental philosophy. Present a strong sense of futurism.


Rhythm, technology, light and shadow innovation


        "STALACTITE" is a huge light art installation from the 2018 Brussels Light Festival in Belgium (BRIGHT BRUSSELS FESTIVAL). The overall structure weighs 2.3 tons. The work was created by Christopher M. Bauder, the winner of the German Red Dot Award IF. He is also an artist who completed the overall stage lighting work of "Dialogue · Fable 2047" with director Zhang Yimou.

         Every audience on the site stands under the installation, just like the water droplets falling from the stalactites. Together with the music, they form a dynamic part of the entire installation art work.


At your fingertips, the interactive experience shines


        The lighting art installation "OCTOPODA" is from the Singapore I Light Marina Bay Marina Bay Light Festival. It is a work by an Amigo and Amigo art studio from Sydney with industrial design as the background. Amigo Studio is led by artist Simone Chua. In every project, she can create works that gather the audience in public space and attract the imagination of the audience.

        "OCTOPODA" is a steampunk percussion structured octopus plastic art installation, which is very suitable for the interaction of people of all ages. It features eight tentacle drums, and each tentacle will emit a unique color when it strikes the drum, and will flash with the drum sound. When eight drums are played together, "OCTOPODA" will dazzle the audience with his mechanical movements and rhythmic lighting performances.


Colorful, new visual development


        Inspired by the critically endangered New Zealand parrot, creator Zara Pasfield hopes that "PARROT PARTY" will raise awareness of the fragile situation of these unique birds. The structure of these parrots is lit by lights, using folded geometric shapes to create the natural shape of the bird, with vibrant orange, blue and green on the body. They perched on the dome. When there were people around, they sang loudly, became happy and excited and gave out colorful lights.

        Zara Pasfield, creator of "PARROT PARTY", is a talented lighting artist. After earning a degree in space architecture from UTS in 2017, she participated in major lighting festivals around the world in a short time, including in 2018 with the work "PARROT PARTY" at the Sydney Lighting Festival.

        Art is the catcher of the soul. Good art has a high spiritual value and can promote the communication and harmony between people, people, nature and society. Ten years ago, the blue harbor of SOLANA started the exploration and inheritance of urban space art, connecting pieces of art with high aesthetic value to the commercial space, and integrating culture and art into the public life through the festival of lights. While illuminating the entire blue harbor, it also gives the city of Beijing super imagination and happiness.

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