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The design idea of the Caron family brand is to let the game promote children's physical exercise, which integrates jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, shaking and other functions. Children are strong in the process of running up and down. In addition, it also strengthens children's skills training, such as climbing, slipping and so on. At the same time, it is also a training in behavioral skills. Product design focuses on developing children's thinking ability, helping them to establish good habitual patterns, and training their strong, courageous, independent, positive and optimistic character. Children's amusement is closely combined with the concept of parents and children, which provides parents and children with a scientific and technological interactive platform of sharing games and experiences. At the same time, it also allows children and parents to interact, play, communicate with each other, and even make friends.
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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