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2020 . 04 . 16

Passionate love, romantic confession! This Tanabata comes to the blue harbor

romantic lovers' day

In the days when love is full of flowers

SOLANA Blue Harbor hosts a surprise and unforgettable for you

Confession orgy

Romantic atmosphere

A small game full of surprises

Whether you are a poor single or are in love

Or maybe it's middle-aged

Even if it's gray-haired

We will give you a unique sense of ceremony!

Romantic confession


Road to Confession

Large steps (next to Zhuying Erdong Legend Studios)

Romance is the most important expression of confession

Bold show love sweet crit

I have a hundred romantic love words

Want to tell you aloud

The craziest confession starts here

Bring your beloved TA

Climb the big steps of the road of confession

Step by step sweet atmosphere around

The heartbeat accelerates

The atmosphere of the confession is increasing


Blessing of love

Eros Square (next to Xicha)

Who said that gorgeous churches are the most romantic?

SOLANA Blue Harbor Eros Plaza turns into a blessing of love

Witness your love

Take a bouquet of flowers and bring a gift

Under the white veil symbolizing pure love

Say something hidden in my heart for a long time,

Your goodness is hidden in every sentence.

Enough to remember for a lifetime!

Secretly tell you

Every girl has a dream of being confessed in the limelight

If you are preparing to propose

Romantic scene + sincere expression

Success Index: ★★★★★

Needless to say what to do!

Long love, not in the morning

But there is also a romantic expression

Love doesn't need to be expensive

But need a sense of ritual

More small surprises

Summer evening

Is it more romantic to watch the stars together?

The lights are bright, like stars

Here are your love vows

Ren light will magnify the romance infinitely

Or pose in love

Take a photo and make a circle of friends

Let your friends witness your sweet moment

If you have love, show it boldly!


As long as you are there, everything is so beautiful!


Warm up feelings in the game


Fun interactive punching carousel

We also prepared super fun games for you

Turn the turntable to play the rainbow personality test

See what character TA is?

What kind of couple do you belong to?

Fun carousel title

Maybe you will find another side of TA that is not usually revealed!

Activity time

From now until August 18, 2019


Entrance of Sisyphus on the east side of the first floor of MALL

AVENUE Diamond Roof Atrium (IDO Level 1 entrance)


Wheel of Fortune

Members can spend any small ticket on the day

You can play the carousel game

A variety of fun value-for-money gift certificates

Waiting for you to come out here!

Upon receiving the surprise, it immediately turns into a Qixi gift!

Activity time

From now until August 11, 2019

(The number of gifts is limited, while supplies last)


MALL G floor atrium customer service desk

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