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The design style of Zhenxuan RO store is in line with the principle of youth and modernization, emphasizing the transparency of facade and the dialogue and echo between inside and outside, presenting a harmonious and distinctive architectural style with the surrounding environment. The material of the facade is contrasted with teak wood and rough texture cement, and the texture of the material is fully reflected by lighting. The overall interior design takes Starbucks mermaid and sea as the design theme, and combines relevant colors and mast elements to highlight starbucks' exclusive coffee culture. Bar counter and merchandise wall use some details, let customers into the space can find some design on the clever thinking and space experience. Light light oak and terrazzo are used as the main colors of the space. Marine themed navy and coffee leather, interspersed with brass metal in a high-end and elegant atmosphere. Lead guests to explore new coffee experiences. The whole is composed of two floors. The first floor has clear moving lines and takes the bar as the stage of the whole space. Entering the room by two entrances, it has good visibility, and effectively uses the space to greatly enhance the experience of customers. Adjust existing stair position, will promote the integral whole of the space, also can increase dimensional coherent reach administrative levels sex. The hand counter also presents the best interpretation effect in front of the upstairs and downstairs customers. The first floor ARTWORK is the story of Bean to the cup, the story of coffee growing from planting to harvesting and roasting and finally delivered to customers. Meanwhile, the color elements of coffee Bean cards are combined to light up the guest seating space on the first floor. The second floor is the main seating area. The design mainly emphasizes the comfort and flexibility of the seating area, so that each customer can find their own corner. The arched Windows of the building are also used to shape the ritual sense of the space. The second floor ARTWORK is the painting of Starbucks mermaid swimming leisurely in the ocean and shuttling among the coffee pot flowers. The main color for the ocean subjective blue tone and embellished with a more lively bright orange become the main highlight of the space on the second floor.
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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