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The story of GODIVA chocolate originated from the European Coventry (Coventry City): The Earl of Leofric imposed a heavy tax on the people. The Earl ’s kind and beautiful wife, Lady Godiva, could n’t bear to see the people ’s livelihood and asked her husband to reduce the tax. They bet that if Mrs. Godiva had a naked body and only rode around the city with her long hair covered, even if the people of the entire city of Coventry kept their doors and windows closed, they would reduce their taxes. In the early morning of the next day, Mrs. Godiva was naked in the city, and the people in the city closed their doors and windows with respect, without leaving the house. The promise of Count Leofric was finally fulfilled, and the legendary story of Mrs. Godiva has been recounted by countless people to this day. As a world-renowned chocolate brand, Godiva chocolate history can be traced back to 1926, and in 1968 became the Royal Belgian Royal Chocolate supplier. Inspired by Mrs. Godiva's warm and generous quality and pioneering spirit, the legendary name of Godiva has become synonymous with delicious and luxurious chocolate in the world. GODIVA has more than 700 branches in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including airport duty-free shops, department store counters, specialty shops and online stores. GODIVA adheres to Belgian chocolate production skills and is committed to continuous innovation . In addition, Godiva also strives to ensure that all products are safe and of high quality in the process of research and development, manufacturing and transportation. From famous truffle-shaped chocolates and molded chocolates, to European-style chocolate biscuits, individually packaged chocolate series, coffee, hot cocoa, chocolate soft ice and other diverse chocolate products, Godiva promises to bring an excellent chocolate experience To the whole world.
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