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Cheap fast food is people's usual perception of hamburgers. Let`s Burger completely subverts this traditional impression, using unique creative ideas to upgrade the presentation of burgers, and expand the way of appreciation to a wider range. From classic remodeled beef burgers and cheese burgers, to Chinese-loved rice burgers, spicy burgers with local characteristics, bun burgers to healthy bamboo charcoal burgers, and large lobster burgers that do not refuse luxury. Today, Let`s Burger has more than 100 burgers, and each one is unique. In addition, the snacks and drinks paired with burgers are equally creative, and even the meticulous sauces adhere to the creative secret system. It can be said that the burger trend of Let`s Burger cannot be found anywhere in the world. This makes us the first boutique burger shop in China, and it is the only one until today. As the first boutique of Let`s food brand, Let`s Burger was born in 2008 in Sanlitun, a fashion spot in Beijing. Once launched, it quickly grabbed the top position of the major food lists in Beijing, and set off an unprecedented burger food trend in the fashion food circle.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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