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APRIL PUFFER is one of the brands of Blowfish Family Catering Management Co., Ltd. It is the first batch of domestic catering enterprises with a full set of Blowfish product operation licenses, and is mainly engaged in creative Blowfish theme dishes. Moonlight is synonymous with the beauty of time and the beauty of the world. It is also the season of pufferfish breeding. It represents beauty, love, hope and inheritance. The Fuyue Puffer Fish theme dishes, drawing on the essence of Chinese ancient puffer fish cooking techniques, combined with modern concepts such as nutrition and aesthetics, and using the authoritative experts of the Chinese Puffer Fish Association as consultants, gathered more than 60 courses developed by nine puffer fish masters over three years Blowfish dishes have formed a complete homemade puffer fish dish system.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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