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Beijing Botang Yuxiang Catering Co., Ltd. was founded on September 19, 1999. The brand name comes from the love for Bashu culture. In line with the brand concept of "showing the authentic and authentic Sichuan cuisine", the team went to Sichuan to inspect the dishes many times, and met the inventors of boiled fish in Yubei, and brought the most authentic boiled fish back to Beijing. Since then, it has continued to dig deep into the Sichuan area, and has excavated authentic Sichuan flavors such as "greedy frog" and "spicy hoof", forming a "boiling series" loved by Sichuan food lovers. After this, in many areas of Beijing and beyond, many Sichuan restaurants can see Sichuan cuisine with the word "boiling"-the word "boiling" has become the impression of customers, whether Sichuan cuisine is an authentic certification mark. With the passage of time, Sichuan flavor remains the same. Boiling Fish Township has been the same for decades, and the production process of dishes is strictly controlled. Strictly control multiple dimensions, and strive to inherit the most classic Bashu flavor and Sichuan cuisine techniques. Boiling Yuxiang Blue Harbor Store builds a spatial relationship with the courtyard, and sets the traffic line with the movement line of the amusement park. The "a little gap" in the entrance hall creates the vision of the mountain lookout. The space of the corridor is vaguely visible. The landscape culture created by the modern modeling, mountain, stone, pine, fog, stream, and moon, together construct a three-dimensional landscape artistic conception, turn around and look up, the courtyard walls are stacked, and the pine and stone landscapes fall under the courtyard wall. Through the "yard door", the quiet and elegant courtyard spaces are enclosed together, and the mountains are surrounded by clouds in the distance, so that people are exposed to the natural atmosphere of "under the hedge of the chrysanthemum, see the south mountain leisurely". Stepping up, the second layer continues the Yunshan ink glass, forming an integral part with the second layer. The private room expresses the slow pace of life outside the city with different thematic mood paintings.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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