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BEE CHENG HIANG has a history of more than eighty years, and its rich experience makes it a leader in the dried meat industry. At present, our products include dried meat, meat floss, sausage, shredded squid, etc. The traditional industry is not necessarily stagnant and stereotyped, Mei Zhenxiang proves this. Traditional food does not have to be sold in the traditional way. While maintaining product standards, we are constantly striving for progress in management and marketing. The precise expansion plan has made Mei Zhenxiang a well-known household name and brought its business to all parts of Asia. Mr. Zhang Ruiyi, the founder of BEE CHENG HIANG, began to sell jerky along the street in 1933. He uses traditional methods to marinate and grill dried meat, and can eat this delicious food at various traditional festivals. In 1945, he established the first Mei Zhen Xiang Dried Meat Store on Wucao Road. Since then, Meizhenxiang has slowly expanded and developed from Chinatown to overseas markets. Meizhenxiang, which was founded in Singapore in 1933, has successfully expanded its business to a series of chain stores and is committed to promoting high-quality signature dried meat, Meat floss and sausage, shredded squid, etc. As the company spares no effort to open up overseas markets, Meizhenxiang's business bases have been located in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and other places.
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