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Decoration style: The decoration style of American highways combines industrial and pub elements. The theme of easy, free, unrestrained and enthusiastic travel is more in line with modern young people's pursuit of life. The source of "speed": speed pizza's signature stove pizza, which is made with a special fireplace baking, speed pizza special oven, can hold 32 PIZZA at a time, and only 2 minutes, 12 PIZZA can be baked at the same time. It ’s fast to cook, and the most important thing to eat pizza is ready to eat, with the best flavor and better taste. Therefore, "speed" can not only reflect the fast-paced requirements of life, work and diet in a fast-paced society, but also reflect the characteristics of fast pizza, fast taste, thin and beautiful. Features: Speed ​​pizza is different from traditional Italian pizza. It is not a popular flattening and splitting, but a Western-style catering but can have Chinese-style eating. The unexpected combination of Chinese and Western pizza experience, a spoon can directly deliver delicious pizza to the mouth It can also be eaten with just a few rolls, it sounds convenient and can maintain the image of you eating in front of your favorite objects without losing your manners! The second is the ingenious combination of speed pizza soft and hard, thin and not greasy delicious pizza, to bring customers a new pizza experience!
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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