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Naturecolored was established in 2007, as the aim to provide healthy cotton products to consumers around the world, has been registered and selling in 23 countries already. Currently, the production and R & D center is located in Shenzhen China. Naturecolored provides baby and children clothing, accessories, bedding sets, and home textiles made from naturally colored cotton and organic cotton. In the global textile market, Naturecolored has started the "zero added" era. That means Naturecolored products have no chemical dyes and have totally eliminated chemical pollution from cotton planting, spinning, weaving to garment processing. Naturecolored keeps the nature of raw materials well, and brings consumers safe, healthy and comfortable experience. Due to the adoption of the non dyeing chemical technique, all products do not contain any heavy metal oxide, bleaching agent, formaldehyde, aromatic amine carcinogens and other toxic substances, which labeled “organic cotton” products are free of pesticides and fertilizers. For baby, Naturecolored is the nature and pure love. For child, Naturecolored is the best mate for healthily growing. For family, Naturecolored is the simple, comfortable and safe home.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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