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KOWLOON BUS milk tea advocates the cultural concept of health and wellness, launching a series of health products, KOWLOON BUS milk tea can better meet consumer demand. Good beverage brands have attracted much attention in the market, and have been recognized by the majority of consumers. They have super high sales in the market. KOWLOON BUS, Hong Kong-style milk tea + specialty snacks + creative ice cream + romantic coffee + desserts, decades of tea experience, free store selection and other full support for shop opening! More and more people come to inquire about how much KOWLOON BUS milk tea franchise costs, join the tea beverage franchise brand owned by Kiwi, and the headquarters provides all entrepreneurs with more and better services and guarantees. Join milk tea, choose Kowloon Bus, let KOWLOON BUS milk tea realize their dreams.
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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