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TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT was founded in Paris, France in 1977 by world-renowned baby designer Catherine Painvin, as a symbol of sweetness and sharing. She gets her inspiration from bread and chocolate sauce, because dessert time is sweet and gentle. TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT style is full of modern sense, which continues the heritage of the brand history and the French classic style of baby clothes, showing all European simplicity. TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT is the world's only professional design brand dedicated to a luxurious childhood, creating a dreamy and magical French childhood for children (ages 0 to 10) in a world of gentle beauty. TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT is committed to create a world of pure innocence for children, combined with modern product design trends, dash forward show contracted classic style, from neonatal care to baby clothes, cute plush toys to the children every possible way to caress the delicate furniture supplies, fragrance from male and female children's wear new to babies, all show contracted classic wind. TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT has a heritage of classic quality and detailed design. It's like a fantasy and unique fairy tale kingdom, telling different fairy tales for babies every day.
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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