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There is a planet composed of courage, wisdom and happiness. Its English name: "Wooo Planet", the Chinese name is: Wo Planet! Warriors Adventure Zone: The British-imported star-themed climbing frame has an intricate internal structure and is completely set up according to the challenges and curiosity of children. Enjoy endless fun; mining area: the pellet room is pine wood grain imported from South Korea, with a scent of rosin, to meet the baby's desire to dig sand; cool body sensor: a variety of group games, cool index 100 points; comfortable and comfortable lounge : The design lounge has occasional birthday parties and wonderful art activities; the crawling area for young children: mini ocean ball pool, soft and detachable toys, won the love of little babies! It is now recruiting super adventurous children on Earth, just waiting for you!
K143 K218
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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