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Founded in 2009 by Ms. Li Xiaoya, Han Xiang Calligraphy Education is currently the largest calligraphy education institution in China. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the establishment, from a new visual image to an environmental upgrade of nearly 60 campuses across the country, Hanxiang Calligraphy Education is reshaping classics with a new look! Since its establishment in 2009, Han Xiang has been conducting academic research continuously, with the goal of enabling more students to achieve proficiency in techniques, accumulation of culture, the formation of good habits, and to appreciate the beauty of culture. Whether it is a professional course or a research on children's education, we have been doing it with great concentration and have achieved quite good results. Knowledge point slicing teaching method, multimedia standard courseware, elective course selection, gift and interest incentive system ensure that you have a most professional platform, as well as the huge team that has been researching and making progress and providing you with help. Online, Hanxiang has an online course for cultural sharing and an app that can guide practice at home; during the course of learning, Hanxiang course consultants track the whole process, provide targeted guidance for exams, give students a good attitude and guide the direction.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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