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It comes from the Danish word for "LEG GODT," meaning "to play with all your heart," and from the Latin word for "together." Lego bricks of different sizes and colors can create unlimited creativity and dreams, which is amazing! In 1958, lego bricks were patented in Denmark, and this building block with buckles and connecting functions has been brilliant for more than 50 years, accompanying billions of big friends and children around the world to have a happy time. For many years, lego has been among the top five most popular children's brands in the world and has twice been called "toy of the century". Lego toys accompany a child at every stage of his development. From preschoolers' home depot, to creative blocks for children over 4, and mechanical components for older children, any two lego bricks can be inserted into each other to make a perfect combination. Lego represents happiness, infinite imagination and creative future.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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